Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cricut Expression Covers - Updated

I am in the process of making cricut expression covers for sale.

here is one I made of a light blue material with a pattern on it. currently for sale on etsy:

I also have this doggie print one (its like the one I made for my MIL for christmas) this one will be for sale as well:

and here is the one I made for my Fisk-a-friend Donna:

and I also have a brown pattern material I'm working on making for my Stampin Up Demostator as well!

I will have extra material from the blue, brown and orange material to make 3 more expression covers or personal/create covers. So keep your eyes open for those and I'll try to update my etsy site! Please spread the word about these covers! I'd love to make a business out of doing these!!!


lavendarrose29 said...

I want to see a cricut cover.

Ziggyeor said...

cute covers :) I loved your challenge for Dirty Scraps and your organization. I don't have room for shelves unless I can get some to put in the closet to hold some old bins that I need to go through. But I have been trying to organize. Then it exploded again :p