Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Felt Flowers and disappointing news

Well I took some time today for myself and I make some felt flowers. I hand stitched all of leaves, petals and buttons. I took a while for me to do but I think they look cute!

My bad news: I was recently asked to be on the design team for a new scrapbooking website AllPaperCrafts.com. Today I got an email that stated they weren't going to be able to operate their business online due to unforeseen complications. I offered any help I could, being a web designer and all. This makes me sad. I was going to be on my first design team and now that dream is shattered.

I guess I will keep trying. Maybe they will be able to get up and running again in the future...or maybe I could start my own website...


Michelle said...

I've been tinkering here and there with my "own" line of hand made papers and things. I would like to use them for "kits" in my shop and personal classes.
If you are still interested in being on my Design Team, (I'll need your info- drop me aline and e-mail the form)..and what categories you might want to be apart of....
Paper Crafts
Altering items

You will always get to keep what you make.

~Michelle Fisk.#915

Kathy said...

Wow I love your felt flowers...very inspiring!