Thursday, January 7, 2010

Recipe for a better scrap area!

This was my scrap area over the holidays.

I giant explosion of mess and disorganization. I couldn't find anything I needed, I'd put something down right in front of and automatically it was lost. Obviously a clean up was in order, duh! but how could I organize all this mess without putting everything back in to tubs where they are just piled on top of each other and making a bigger mess. I turned to the Fiskateer community for help/suggestions on what works in their scrap rooms. I got lots of ideas and helpful information for the future.

As you might be able to tell, our basement is currently unfinished. There is framework up (studs) but no drywall. I thought I would never have extra space to hang stuff or put up somewhere. My husband then suggested we build some shelves with some 1x8's (2-10ft sheets cut in half to make 4- 5ft shelves) and some shelving brackets. He was able to quickly hang these shelves by himself (and I'm sure I could have too if he wasn't so persistent on helping me with my little craft area.) We had gotten some peg board a while back from who knows where but you can pick it up very cheap at hardware stores in very large sizes. I told him I wanted to hang my packaged stuff up on the peg board, so we bought the hooks and here is the result:

I would suggest if you have an area like me that is unfinished but you're able to put up shelves, do it! I work better if I can see the supplies I have in front of me (creative clutter but still neat and tidy!), instead of put away in cabinets and tubs. Now this method isn't right for everybody, cabinets and storage containers make for great organized rooms, I just work better if everything is out in front of me, where some people work better in a clean/clear environment.

Obviously from these pictures, my table isn't completely cleaned off yet, I still have to organize my paper and put some other supplies away but for the first time I have a craft area that is functional to me and everything is at my reach. At some point we will be finishing our basement and everything will have to come down again and packed away, but until that time, I have an a better area for the time being.

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Divinity said...

thanks for posting -- it makes me feel sooo much better! i'm determined to keep my scrap center a lot cleaner this year -- so far i'm doing pretty good...but your pictures basicly describe my room to a T!!! Isn't it amazing how great the creations turn out...even if the area is a mess!!! We're really really talented!!! LOL