Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How I mounted my unmounted stamps

So I got a grab bag from the Memories Scrapbook Expo from the Inky Antics Booth of unmounted rubber stamps with sticky foam backs. I discovered they were for permanent mounting and I didn't have anything to mount them on and I didn't want to spend anymore money (like I had any left after that expo!) to find something to mount my 20-something unmounted stamps on. So I went to my husband and said "I have a craft project for you!"

We had borrowed my dads band saw, because my husband, Josh, wanted to make some things using it. I asked him to cut me wooden blocks from left over sheets of one-by we had laying around in the garage.

I measured out my stamps and took the newly cut blocks and sanded them real good with a sanding block (our electric sander called it quits!) and semi rounded the edges.

Before mounting my stamps, I wanted the image to be on one side of the wood block like they normally are in the store! So I re-inked my staz-on ink pad so it was juicy and placed the rubber stamp onto the ink pad, pressed, lifted and carefully stamped the image or quotes onto the wooden blocks.

I mounted my stamps and gave them a test run!

Next I know I would have to protect the stamped image on the wood block from ink remover (at least the staz-on kind of remover), so I put down a line of glossy accents (or any kind of glaze adhesive would work), used a scraper (a old gift card or credit card will work. I happened to have one for vinyl) and pulled the glue across the top of the stamp block. Leaves a shiny finish to it and keeps the stamped image preserved!

How I've got a whole new collection of wood mounted stamps and I didn't spend any extra money to mount them!!

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Viji Siddharth said...

that is so awesome shannon! your hubby is so supportive just like mine:) very cool!

Donna said...

That is a great idea, I have some of those stamps and now I know what to do with them!

moloneyat said...

Well done Shannon and how cool your husband is such a good crafting enabler!!!
I am lucky, my husband is too :)
TracyM #6773

Gail said...
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Anonymous said...

wonderfully done. I just did that lately to my rubber stamps too. I love woodmounted stamps over non mounted.

Divinity said...

looks like a lot of work -- but your stamp collection looks great now! i have a few stamps that are unmounted...i guess i should get this job started!!! :p

Maxine #6215 said...

and some people are UNmounting their stamp!

lizzie said...

i've been sitting on the front porch alot lately! the breezes are so nice right now! next month however it's going to be TOOO hott to do it... so i'm enjoying it now!