Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blending with the lighter of the two...

Coloring with Copics can be quite intimidating to a beginner. I find what is most intimidating is the neutral color palette (the browns and skin tones) Here are my tips when color with Copics:

I'm starting with a Stampin Up image. I stamped my paper with Memento Tuxedo Black ink. Here I'm using neutral colors. I choose E11, E33 and E57.  Start by putting down your lightest color first (E11) all over the image you want to shade. I'm imagining the light coming from the top right of the page so I want my highlight to be on the top right side of the image. Next the middle color where you want your middle tone shading (E33) and lastly your very darkest color in a small amount where you want your darkest shadow (E57) on the left and bottom edges.

Now we're gonna start to blend. Using the lighter of the two darkest shades blend (in small circles) the shadowed area only with your middle color (E33) and blend between the two. You always want to use the lighter of the two shades to blend.

Next you'll want to use the lighter of your lightest shades (your highlight color - E11) and blend out your middle shade so that is it smooth. This will allow your image to still have highlight tones as well as shadows. Your image won't be as light as it originally was just because your paper will soak up more of your highlight color. The more saturated the paper is the darker the ink will appear.

Remember to press lightly when using these markers. you don't need to soak the paper to get good color results. You only want to see a little bit of color coming thru the back (depending on the paper you are using.) Over soaking your paper will result in bleeding outside your stamped image. 

Remember to practice with your copics! Practice makes perfect!

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