Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Altering Books

For the last 3 weeks, Rebecca, Lead Fiskateer has been leading an Altered Book revolution! Well, not so much a revolution, but we sure are getting excited and full of ideas. Rebecca has been using ustream to broadcast live and teach us how to alter books based on techniques she's used and of course showing how to use your Fiskars tools to do so.

Week one she covered what you will need for successful altering:

I got my gel medium, nice sharp blades for my craft knife and of course some hard cover books. and Ultra ShapeXpress and some templates and punches were also essential.

Here was my book originally:

Week two she went over how to cut out areas of your books using templates and punches.  I started using a square template for my book but then ended up switching to a die cut shape with a fancier edge. I decided on a theme and that was going to be garden and flowers. So i punched out a butterfly and put it between the cut out layers. then wrapped the whole thing in patterned paper. I still need to sand the edge of the cut out area but here is the general idea:

Week 3 Rebecca went over ways to alter pages, distress and decorate.  Resisting techniques and different ways to use the gel medium

After this weeks live stream was over, I decided to continue on and decorate my cover.

I think I'm gonna use my USX and this butterflies to finish decorating the front. I can't wait to finish this book. its got a long way to go though!


Cindy deRosier said...

Super neat! I haven't been able to do any of Rebecca's sessions, so have been in the dark about what they're about. Great to see your project!

Tracey ~ GardenOfGrace said...

Love what you've done so far. Can't wait to see it when it's done - in person - hint hint. :-)

Vicky said...

Great start Shannon! I Love your butterfly theme and how you displayed the one inside your book, fabulous! Can hardly wait to see the finished result :)

Tracey ~ GardenOfGrace said...

Congratulations on being selected for Girlfriend Pick of the Day at Scrap-Friendzy!

Sandy said...

Love what you've done so far Shannon! The cut looks perfect and I love butterflies. Don't be in a hurry to finish; enjoy the journey as they say.