About Me

My name is Shannon White. Ever since I was little, I've always enjoyed art.  I was always in art class in school and I loved learning how to do new things. When it was time to decide what I was going to go to college for, the answer seemed simple. Go to art school, do something you're familiar with.  I ended up attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh for Multimedia and Web Design where I got my BA of Science Degree.  During and After college I created a lot of digital work either it was vector illustrations, websites, logos, kiosk designs etc, I have constantly making art in some form.

But only until a few years ago, did I find I needed a side hobby to fill a creative need. My work wasn't creatively challenging as I wish it would have been, and I needed to fill a void. Lacking something to do while my husband was busy with his after work hobbies, I started diving into scrapbooking.  Success! A need was filled. My creative juices started flowing again and I felt for the first time in a long while that I had found something I enjoyed doing!  Working with my hands and making a mess!!!!

So my love of paper-crafting began, it was only a short while after discovering my new love that I found out how in depth this hobby can be. I've spent a lot of time (and money!) on this craft and I really wouldn't have it any other way. I'm genuinely happy when I craft!

A little about me in general:
I'm married to a wonderful husband who supports my hobby as well as teases me about it. (He has to give me a little bit of a hard time about it! Especially everything I buy!!) I currently have two dogs (beagles) who are my kids at the moment. I work as a Graphic Designer and I love it!

I am a Close To My Heart Independent Consultant and I love their products! Contact me to chat or if you have questions!

Side note: Any product I may mention on my blog is by my own will (something I like/use and want to recommend). I am a Close To My Heart Representative. Unless otherwise stated, I am not paid to advertise any additional product or brand.